Hi everyone, this is Janet here! I am a photographer cum blogger, and a mother of two!

For me, fitness holds a great importance in my life. It’s something that I keep on stressing to all the people I meet, and that’s when my friends gave me the idea like ‘Why don’t you start a website and share the tips!?’

Fit Freak Mom

So, here it is, for you all! Presenting my baby tween-the-shadows.com

I have referred the website as a baby for all the efforts and my time I have put in growing and nurturing it. Some of the points which I will be covering include fitness tips, healthy snack options, and all-in-all How to Lead a Healthy yet Fun-Filled Life!

You could register your email id and get all the website notifications directly! So, what are you waiting for? Take a tour here.

A Hearty Thanks for visiting my tiny baby,

Janet J. Coniglio