Short Bursts of Intense Exercise Could Keep You Fit

Don’t have time to hit the gyms? Well, no worries! You can try out high-intensity workouts, and get more benefits than doing moderate activity for a long duration. On the contrary, experts have been saying that adults should perform 150 minutes workout in one week.

But after many health-related researches, it was found that performing the long workout in bits could do more benefit to your body. Keep on reading to know how!

Intense Exercise

Can Short Bursts of High-Intensity Workout Keep You Fit?

HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training, and one study has proved that HIIT workouts can bring better quality results than the traditional exercises performed at the lower blood pressure.

Glenn Gaesser, who is a professor at the ASU believes that shorter bouts always do well compared to the longer bouts. Bout represents the resting period taken between the workouts.

There’s a famous myth connected with the HIIT workout, and that is ‘HIIT workout is too difficult for an average person.’

But the truth is, HIIT workouts can be tailored as per the individual’s capabilities.

So, what’s the principle of the HIIT workout?

It makes the person workout just enough to increase the heart rate, till the point you feel the fatigue – this remains different for different people like it depends on the stamina of the person. Then, you need to stop the activity right away.

A single set of HIIT would take around 30 seconds to a few minutes. The best part is you can stop it anywhere, based on your immunity level. You can take about any amount of rest for the bouts, however only if you perform the HIIT workouts sincerely – you could reach the 150 minutes in one week.

This is why it’s easy to incorporate HIIT workouts in our schedule. Just take 30 minutes out of your day, and perform the exercises in the way you like. You can take the stairs instead of the lift, or even take a brisk walk near the office corridor. Also, the heart of the patients who performed HIIT was found to be healthier than the ones who followed the traditional exercise.

Importance of Mental Health | Things That No One Tells You About

When was the last time you gave a thought to your mental health and mental peace?

Last week? Yesterday? Today!?


Answers don’t surprise me, but the way people look at this issue is what surprises me.

If any friend of yours is not having a good mood or vibe lately, then talk to him/her and know what’s bothering them. This is one of the best therapies, and that is Concern. Show your concern, and who knows they might be waiting just for that one concern from anyone.

Mental Health

Why is Mental Health so important?

The first thing which makes mental health important is that it is something which is connected to your physical health. Know the importance of good mental health for you. One of my friends told me how people used to suggest him to go and have a run while he was going through a serious anxiety issue. How are you going to deal with a mental health by just focussing on the physical health?

Both the body aspects – mental as well as physical health are equally important and you cannot solve the mental issues by working on the physical health. This is something that you need to understand in the first place.

Why should you consider this problem?

* Well, it is One of the major problems found in the country that falls next after poverty and unemployment. The former one creates more severe damage to the human mind, I guess. 

Removing the perception will take time, but the challenge doesn’t end there! Currently, there is as such no treatment for the mental illness and people just consider it as yet another mental syndrome.

* Yes, of course, the outlook must change if you want to bring in some real change. 

Now, what can I do about this problem?

I will list out some points below that could come to help if you are facing any such feeling lately. Or you could also share with the one facing the same. 

  • Love Yourself. You are just perfect the way you are. 
  • Gym and workout is only a solution, instead, it could actually add more damage.
  • No Overeating for god’s sake!
  • Never skip a meal, have all the meals in enough proportion.
  • Exercise is good, no need to push yourself for this. Do it in the way you want.
  • Spend some time in the sunlight. It will help in boosting the mood and also keep your vitamin D in check.
  • Along with loving yourself, keep everything genuine and real while dealing with every element in your life.

These are the points that you can try out for solving any mental issue if you are going through in your life. Also, kindly note that you don’t have to go on any kind of medication for solving the problem. Just, trust the process!

Exercising During Periods : Should I skip it or not for those days?

I do understand what you go through during those days of the month.

Your change in the mood and cramps won’t get you out of the bed, but I know still there are many of you who wish to do workouts during that time too. Surprise for your ladies!

Workouts during the periods can actually benefit you more than the other days. Like how!? READ ON to find out.

My Thoughts on – Exercising During Periods

There’s an irony here when it comes to exercising during the menstrual days. You actually are unaware of the strength that maintains your health and provides you the power to tolerate all the pain. Well here is the point, if you exercise in this condition you will feel less workout strain than you usually feel on the other normal days.

Exercising During Periods

You should know how the hormonal shifts occur inside the body like you lead the pack on some day whereas inactive on other days. Push yourselves harder, and get to work!

♥ Trust your Period

This is important, haha I know exactly what’s going on in your mind! (I don’t trust on anything during periods, how could you ask me to trust my period!)

That’s the point, period makes you stronger. It is said that you are more like a man during those days. Not exactly like a man, but the hormone levels are the least, which may make you feel like a dude. Also, studies have shown that women recover faster and have much better pain tolerance during the menstrual time.

Get your butts off the bed, and perform some advanced yoga. Just challenge yourselves, and as I said Trust the period!

♥ Know what is the metabolic rate of your body. 

Before you start off the exercise, you must know the current metabolic rate, which gives the number of calories that you are burning in one day. It depends on factors like the diet you are following, and the amount of stress you are going through.

The week before your menstrual cycle is known as the time when you burn the highest calories in the whole month. So, if you are dieting during this time, then you will see a visible difference.

While there are some women who tend to overeat during this time, which will eventually increase the calorie intake than the required.

♥ Work out on the Bloats, and get back into shape! 

Bloats are natural you ladies, this is when you will find that your body has swollen up strangely. One day you were flaunting those body muscles, and the other day you find that your body is covered with fat! That’s not fat, it is the water retention caused by the female hormone, mainly the estrogen.

To reduce this water retention – reduce the salt intake, take some herbal tea, drink more water, and also you can go for oregano seasonings.